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Recipe munn updates new recipes

Main Highlights

The main highlights for this recipe update are a very nice new recipe for shish-kebob (gluten free and dairy free, of course) without the hassle of having to skewer the veges. Its all done inside the house with a simple grill pan, and tastes great.

My second main new recipe was s...

30th May 2023

Ubuntu Sadness and Hello Manjaro

This week was interesting. I have noticed that ubuntu was being increasingly cantankerous (I was trying to create a vm bridge) and it kept getting in my way. I have since gone back to manjaro, which seems mostly O.K). My apps work better, AND I get opencl withoug having to reboot every 10 seconds. M...

20th May 2023

Updates for May 7 2023. I have been diong Cyber Security for 25 years! EEKS!

General Musings

I just had a wonderful visit with my family for my birthday. I served omlettes and a very nice french dessert (completely gluten AND dairy free) and no one noticed!. In addition to this I had a wonderful time with my relatives. Its wonderful what healing can do to otherwise previou...

8th May 2023

How to fix ubuntu 22.10 with cutom ctrl space launcher

I went through some gyrations on the operating system front. I am tired of arch destroying itself, so I decided to try an 'unstable' ubuntu. So far its nice, but it was missing a nice mac like launcher. So I found ulaunch which enables me to ctrl space and not have to use the desktop or whatnot.

7th Apr 2023

Fix docker causing qemu forwarding to fail

I had this problem where docker would break qemu when it started. I found some things that claimed to fix it but they didn't. Here is the correct solution:

EDITOR=vim sudo -E systemctl edit docker
ExecStopPost=/usr/bin/iptables -D FORWARD -p all -i bridge0 -j ACCEPT
2nd Apr 2023
Website changelog updates March 31 2023

Website changelog updates March 31 2023

This week was very interesting. I got my tempest weatherstation talking to a tablet that I mounted on a wall. Basically its just a kindle fire 10th gen HD tablet with 8 inch, a 3-d printed frame from etsy, and a nice recessed plug I had an electrician install. It basically looks like a very nice par...

2nd Apr 2023

How to retrieve qr code from webcam linux

I just discovered this VERY cool utility, zbar, which will read qrcodes from images or cameras. To get yourself a nice image just use the zbarcam -q --raw | blah which will happily use the active webcam on your computer to read a qr code.


25th Mar 2023

How to make your yubikey use modern ed25519 ssh keys

If you are using openssh 9.x or above and have a yubikey with firmware of > 5.3 then you can use ed25519 keys. Without writing a mitchner novel, ed25519 seems to be the algo of choice (in 2023 as of this time of writing) rather than the more complexy ecdsa keys as proposed by NIST. Honestly, though,...

12th Mar 2023

How to make your system mostly passwordless with yubikey

I recently bought a new yubikey and found some nice resources that show you how. The upshot is that once you have setup your yubikey with pamu2f it can serve as the ONLY source of authentication (some might not like this) w/o a password being required. For my home machine this is a nice setup, becau...

12th Mar 2023

How to get xscreensaver working with Manjaro Cinnamon

I really like using xscreensaver with electric sheep (getting increasingly old alas) with my computer. But !@#%$!@#% cinnamon won't let me change the screensaver. I tried systemd blah blah blah.

Easiest fix: just move cinnamon-screensaver to cinnamon-screensaver.old and symlink xscreensaver to c...

7th Mar 2023

How to add all man pages to alpine

I found this nice link which shows how to add all the man pages for all installed commands in alpine.

Here is the code for convenience:

  apk list -I |
  sed -rn '/-doc/! s/([a-z-]+[a-z]).*/\1/p' |
  awk '{ print system("apk info \""$1"-doc\" > /dev/null") == 0 ? $1 "-doc" : "" }' |
  xargs ap...
7th Mar 2023

My Backup routine with Restic and B2

I was recently asked by a fried to document my backup routine. Basically I use restic, and b2 cloud storage from backblaze. With a little tinkering and the 'pass' command (which I havent' used yet!), I can backup my ENTIRE homedirectory with dedupe, compression, encryption, and snapshots. I can...

6th Mar 2023

Garuda Sadness and Hello Manjaro

I had a rather sad even happen. Garuda REALLY didnt' like my 3 monitor setup. So I tried to 'fix' it only to land with an unbootable system. Since I have EVERYTHING important backed up at backblaze (astonishningly my bill for 100GB is < 1usd!) I just blew it away.

I am still getting used to manjar...

26th Feb 2023

Update on Garuda and 3 monitor setup

With the relase of kde 5.27, they seem to have slain the unstable monitor setup. I was able to revert my changes wiht the xrandr thing, and it seems to work better now. KDE in general is more stable. I still recommend using thunar for the filemanager, however.

22nd Feb 2023

Software Additions 2023-02-18

This blog will briefly describe the things I have added to the site today. Might be easier than just looking everywhere to see what I have added.

vfu- basically a cli filemanager that lets you do things like norton commander. I don't think I am giong to add it to my software section, but it is int...

19th Feb 2023

Looked at faraday to day VERY cool for managing vulns

I just took a peek at faraday today, which I had already bookmarked in my website. It looks to be a VERY nice way to take a peek at vulns and manage them. Accepts a variety of tools and helps you centrally manage with a db like interface. VERY promising.

19th Feb 2023

Figured out how to add NIM and other languages to syle sheet in GRAV

Today I managed to figure out how to make GRAV extend its syntax highlighting for things like NIM, Perl, etc. which aren't in its default config. Alas the editor (the nice gui one) doesn't seem to report them correctly, but the display is nicely updated. I can just use appropriate code fences with t...

11th Feb 2023

Upgraded my alpine today as well

I just noticed I was 1 minor verison behind alpine today. I upgraded, also noting that I had missed an rc-update for my cache that allows the website to run. Fortunately I fixed it. Overall I am VERY happy with alpine these days:

  1. Upgrades are VERY easy (vim /etc/apk/repositories)Then simply ch...
11th Feb 2023