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This is kind of my interesting random-related links page. I had started it as a 'security' page but then started remembering interesting things that weren't security. I might eventually order this, but for now at least its a list of interesting things.

Name Description Rating
Aruba Instant On Swtiches I like the POE model with 195 watts. 4 POE+ 5
Ameridroid Great place to buy SBC/RPI like (mostly NON rpi!) 5
CannaKit Great place to buy RPI things MUCH faster than other sites. 5
Provantage Beats the hell out of amazon for most computer parts, especially esoteric ones. 5
BH Photo Video Best place to buy monitors, flash media, and some computer things. Seems to never have problems with fake memory that amazon does 5
BulkFoods.com I buy my seeds/nuts/milk here. 5
OpnSense Hardware Nice firewall hardware 5
Chaokia Rice Nice place to buy high protein rice. The ‘farmers wife’ actually personally wrote me to thank me for working with them GREAT company! 5
SanLinx Makers of my soy milk machine, but does WAY MORE THAN THAT GREAT for lots of nut milks. Cleans easily and nice 5
Vitamix My favorite thing for smoothies and homemade vegan cheese 5
Synology Very nice NAS to keep your data safe. Don't Expose to the internet! 5
HardKernel The make very nice arm boards competitor to PI. I own their ‘gaming’ system, and their drive sleds. VERY nice. 5
BazQux RSS aggregator 5
VitaCost Great place to buy ‘hippie’ things like glucosamine condroitin, and various hard-to-find foodstuffs 5
iherb Supplements mostly 5
Us Mobile VERY cheap (in a good way) cell service for the USA. Unlimited text and talk.
TCL 8k 65 Inch TV Didn’t know TV’s were getting this big. I LOVE my 4k that I bought in 2020. MINI led. Don’t get the ‘google tv’ get the ‘rook’ version. 4
Yamaha RX-V6A This might get out of date, but most of the Yamaha receivers are great 5
Sandisk Pro Endurance 32GB Micro SD Very vast and very durable micro sd card. Go for UHS-I 5
EZ rj45 Cat 6 connectors Nice way to do cat6e (almost 10g) 5
EZ rj45 Crimper Platinum tools MUCH easier way to do homemade cable 5
Secure NVME drive with Finger Print Reader Samsung secure portable drive. Just 'touch' with your finger to unlock. Works on any computer, you do have to initialize with the software once, however. 4
DeBuyer Omlette Pan Nice omlette pan I used at my Aunt Susans 5
finboards list of obscure hardware boards sbc's in china 4
hackerboards DB Nice list of other boards, us based 5
EVENG A nice way to run various router operating systems and VMs for lab simulations
Polk Audio Height Speakers Nice atmos height speakers.