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This is a page of infosec related software. The listings were getting too long on the main website.

Link Description Platform Rating
faraday Open source vuln management platform linux 4
osv-scanner better way of triaging vulns from google linux ?
caretta Lets you visualize k8s dependency graphs linux 4
bpfmon A tcpdump co-tool that lets you see HOW MUCH with bpf packets. It graphs usage. linux 5
ronin Security toolkit written in ruby linux ?
chainguard Software Supply chain security various ?
security-guard Kubernetes knative host protector varius ?
MISP lets you share threat intelligence various 4
openziti zero trust secure network and file sharing various 4
zrok uses above for file sharing securely p2p various 4
rafis European framework for evaluating risk variou ?
rafib another risk evaluation ramework in php various
age modern encyrptor replacement for gpg various 4
sniffnet network sniffer graphical VARIOUS 5
zxcvbn password strength estimator various 4
kali purple Pen testing suite various 5