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Observability Engineering Book by oreilly on monitoring engineering book
Convert json to csv with jq Link that shows you how to use jq to convert json to a flat file csv article
yggdrasil network install article on how to install yggdrasil overlay network. article
Nice explanation of networking types shows the difference between various linux networking types article
alternative Shells Shows all the different shells available article
how to visualize sql (w/o gants) Shows a new way to visualize sql joins article
Rpi Access Point supposedly makes a rpi4 access point article
chattr reference shows how to use the chattr command article
various cool haskell utils various haskell things like pandoc! article
algovpn automagic ansible vpn server script article
git from the bottom up general git guide article
sign git w/o gpg lets you sign repos w/o gpg article
text only news sites Gives you nice list of text only news sites article
interesting openbox with systemd-free runit stuff Mostly a treatise on s6 init system article
gpg with tpm How to use gpg with your native TPM article
ansible manage mac How to use ansible to manage mac configuration article (use google translate to convert japanese to english
Using Yggdrasal to mesh Docker Very nice article on how to use yggdrasal to make yor disparate containers talk to each other across the net (public or otherwise) article
Edge Router optimization guide for ISP Article on how to optimize your edge router. article
awesome design patterns Mostly good design patterns for software article
HELLO system a mac like system on bsd article/software kind of wierd.
EU CRA secure coding standard An article describing what might be ether the savior or death of software in europe as we know it. Interesting article on new european standard to enforce secure coding.
CPM fast Perl Installer Article describing cool new tool I found to install perl stuff faster locally article
Yubikey Cheat Sheet Nice cheat sheet for using yubikeys article
CertSpotter tells you when your certs are happy article
Cert issuers are a lie why cert issuer records can't be trusted. APINIC article article
Why Erythitol is bad for you New data on evil with erythitol. article
NVD is /dev/random Article on NVD being stupid article
Android Emulators Article on the best android emulators for linux article
Parquet File Format Neat article about the parquet file format for logs (apache) article
kiosk mode fire tablet howto to enable kiosk mode for homeassistant dashboards or 'frame' article
disambiguating arm processors article on various arm devices and processors article
setting default fonts in linux override stupid font choices in linux article
ZDNS a fast dns toolkit for internet measurement article