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This page is mostly a table of things related to my hobbies. It includes things like home automation, cooking, photography, kayaking, swimming, etc. The table below is in the same format of most of my things. This might also include programs that enable me to do my hobbies.

Link Description Hobby Type
paprika A very nice utility for managing cooking. It is the source for recipe.munn.me cooking
shelly em sensor A device that enables whole house monitoring of e- us versions do require 2 channels. automation
homeassistant very nice automation that centralizes a lot of the smart home. This uses alpine. I run a custom alpine image for rpi4. automation
tempest weather sensor a VERY nice weatherstation integrates with homeassistant weather
recipe.munn.me My website for recipes that I either steal or develop. (without life explanations of wonderful children, husbands, wives, or how I find nice tomatoes) cooking
Eink Display for my Weatherflow Tempest using RPI zero weather