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Software Additions 2023-02-18

This blog will briefly describe the things I have added to the site today. Might be easier than just looking everywhere to see what I have added.

vfu- basically a cli filemanager that lets you do things like norton commander. I don't think I am giong to add it to my software section, but it is interesting.

  1. New article: Modern replacements for unix utilitites or what a modern system should have.
  2. New article: Security, low level software for compiler developers
  3. New article: How to make yourself a superuser in postgres
  4. New Security software: MISP osint and sharing platform
  5. New software section: Hobbies. Various things I am interested in like homeassistant.
  6. new article: ms article on threat modeling
  7. New software: uutils replacement for unix utils in rust (coreutils)
  8. New software: openziti zero trust network file sharing
  9. New software: zrok lets you share (above is a requuirement)