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Garuda Sadness and Hello Manjaro

I had a rather sad even happen. Garuda REALLY didnt' like my 3 monitor setup. So I tried to 'fix' it only to land with an unbootable system. Since I have EVERYTHING important backed up at backblaze (astonishningly my bill for 100GB is < 1usd!) I just blew it away.

I am still getting used to manjaro cinnamon. It seems stably. I do miss my super space search thing, but it does seem more stable so far. I had to use snaps and appimages for some things, but with 2tb who cares.

I am waiting on my new NVME drive (I have since decided to put ALL my user data on a separate drive) in case i need to switch again.

I also discovered that mixing HDMI/Displayport devices results in wonky system action. I got a proper cable and have since corrected my display issues.